The selection of chainmail weaves below gives a general guide to the basic weaves that are available for jewelry pieces. If you have more complicated pieces in mind like those in the gallery, please email me. I keep most size links in stock from 20 to 16 gauge, anodized links in many sizes, as well as several gem types like those seen in the pieces in the gallery; but all pieces are custom made and can take from a week to a month or more to complete depending on complexity. Prices are estimates and are subject to change based on scarcity of materials and requested variations.


Byzantine is a European variety chain that is simple but eye-catching. It is cylindrical, so works better for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces than rings, though it is a strong weave (due to its use of thicker links) means it will hold up to abuse.



Camelot is a Japanese variety chain that has a structural style reminiscent of a crenelated castle. It is ribbon-like, and wide even at smaller gauges, so it works best for bracelets, anklets, and chokers.


Captive Inverted Round

Inverted Round is a European variety chain that can be used to "capture" items like other links (as pictured), beads, or other round items. It is cylindrical and works well for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.



Dragonback is a chain that mixes European and Persian varieties and has a smooth, snake-like quality. It is a thick ribbon and works best for bracelets and anklets.



Dragonscale is a European variety sheet that uses two link sizes that creates a very smooth effect. Very specific sized links must be used for the weave to be stable which makes it tight and somewhat inflexible. It is best for a choker or possibly a large wrist cuff. Gauge choice indicates the smaller link gauge.



Elfweave is a European variety chain that uses some Persian connections. It is a thick and narrow ribbon that tends to alter its form when manipulated. It works best for bracelets and anklets.


European 4-1*

European 4-1 is the most basic European variety weave. It is a sheet weave, and can be made in any width, three or more links wide. It is made with thick links so works great for rings, cuff-style bracelets, and chokers.


European 6-1*

European 6-1 is another basic European weave doubling the density of Euro 4-1, which creates a smoother quality. It requires slightly thinner links so is not quite as strong, but still works very well for rings, cuff-style bracelets, and chokers.


Forars Kæde

Forars Kæde or "x-weave" is a Persian variety weave that requires specific link size to remain stable. It uses thicker links which makes it stronger, but it is a rigid weave without much bend, which makes it work best for necklaces.


Full Persian

Full Persian is a basic, Persian variety weave that is simple yet graceful. Its elegant form makes it one of our most popular weaves. It is cylindrical, so it works best for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.



GSG is a Persian variety sheet, usually in two connected rows, but can be expanded. It requires slightly thinner links so works best for low-impact items such as anklets and necklaces.


Half Persian 3-1

Half Persian 3-1 is the simplest Persian variety weave. It uses thicker links and works well for small and simple rings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. Also, it has a triangular cross-section that makes it useful for wrapping cabochons or making angles in sheets of Euro 4-1. With slightly larger links, it can be expanded into multiple rows.


Half Persian 4-1

Half Persian 4-1 is another simple Perisan variety weave that has a graceful look. It has a slightly thicker cross section than the European weaves and uses slightly thinner links, but still works well for a more delicate ring or bracelet, and works great for anklets and necklaces.


* These weaves are "sheet weaves" capable of any number of rows. Prices are for the smallest number of rows to remain stable (usually three). Additional charges will apply for additional rows.